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I'm sure many of you already know him, but for those that don't, his name is Alexander Karelin and he is the most feared athlete ever. Others have called him the toughest man alive. He's a Russian super heavy weight Greco-Roman wrestler and he's universally known as the greatest heavyweight wrestler to ever live. He was so dominant that it led to his competition and the world's media nicknaming him "The Experiment," implying that someone like him couldn't have come about naturally, and that he was some sort of Russian science experiment.

He was in the Olympics four separate times and won gold medals three of those times and silver once. He is the only three-time gold medal winner in his sport.

He was undefeated for 13 years straight and went 10 years in a row without allowing even a single point to be scored against him. He's 6'4 and wrestled at lbs. He had a move he would do called the "Karelin slam". In this move he'd pick up his lb squirming opponent while they were laying face down on the mat, trying to be dead weight so he wouldn't pick them up.

He'd do it anyway, throwing them completely over his shoulder slamming them on their own heads. Now you see crap like that in the WWE all the time, but in real life it's an incredible feat of strength that only the rarest of men can accomplish.

Karelin threw him around like a rag doll. Growing up I thought of Karelin as the real life Ivan Drago. I hear Randy Couture and him are friends. Fedor looks up to him; I read a quote by Fedor saying if Alexander had decided to get into MMA he'd have ruled above all others. I've seen videos of him running through thigh deep snow carrying logs on his shoulders. Maeda was a huge star in Japan and a very accomplished athlete, even defeating Andre the Giant once.

Karelin threw him around for the duration of the match until the Ref stopped it. This was just as a wrestler, no MMA skills. Imagine the potential. It's the clip at the top of the page. Now I'm interested in who else you think would have made an awesome MMA fighter, had they gone that route. Mike Tyson? Hulk Hogan? George Washington? Kind of like the question from "Fight Club".Known by a variety of nicknames — "Russian Bear," "Alexander the Great," and "The Experiment" — Aleksandr Karelin is universally considered the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of all time.

A frighteningly strong man, he won his first gold medal in in the super-heavyweight Greco-Roman class, competing for the Soviet Union. He defended that title incompeting for the Unified Team, and inwrestled for Russia. Karelin was also favored to win his fourth consecutive gold medal in but, in a major upset, he lost in the final,to unheralded American Rulon Gardner.

Before this loss, Karelin had been undefeated for 13 years, his last defeat being to Igor Rostorotsky at the Soviet Championships, and had not lost a point in a match in six years. Karelin took up wrestling in and made the Soviet national team in after winning the World Junior Championships in and and the European Junior Championships in In addition to his Olympic medals, Karelin, who competed in Greco-Roman super-heavyweight class his entire career, was World Champion in, and His 12 championships in the Olympic and World events are the most ever, breaking the mark held by Medved.

aleksandr karelin height

He was also twice named the best Russian athlete of the year. Karelin retired from sports after the Olympics and graduated from the Siberian Academy of Physical Culture with a Ph. From Karelin worked with the Russian police force militsiya and, inwas invited into politics by Russian president Vladimir Putin. Joining the United Russia party, Karelin was elected as a member of the Russian parliament Duma in and was re-elected inand In he became a member of the Duma's committee on international affairs.

Sincean annual wrestling tournament in his honor has been held in Novosibirsk. Toggle navigation. Sydney Atlanta Barcelona Seoul Birth date.Aleksandr Karelin is a popular Russia,Soviet Union,Soviet Union politician who is most renowned for his politician,amateur wrestler.

Aleksandr Karelin age is around 53,as Aleksandr Karelin was born on the 19th of 09, in Novosibirsk. Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson. We will update these information soon. A A Allen.

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Aleksandr Karelin Net worth, Age, Height,Bio

A F Golam Osmani. A J Buckley. A J Burnett. A J English. A J Graves. A J Schable. Aleksandr Karelin. Aleksandr Zatsepin. Artyom Kryukov. Daniil Simkin. Denis Laktionov. Ekaterina Vinogradova.

Grigori Denisenko.

Aleksandr KARELIN

Konstantin Alexeyev. Konstantin Gorovikov. Maxim Ignatovich.His last Olympic events were in when runner Marion Jones made her first big splash on the track and field scene. Let's check, How Rich is Aleksandr Karelin in ? Aleksandr Karelin is best known as a Wrestler. He was born on September 19, in Russia. He won his first gold medal at the Olympics in the super heavyweight class.

He is one of the successful Wrestler. He has ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on September 19, He is one of the Richest Wrestler who was born in Russia.

He also has a position among the list of Most popular Wrestler. Aleksandr Karelin is 1 of the famous people in our database with the age of 54 years. We will update soon. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Home Wrestler Aleksandr Karelin.


Aleksandr Karelin Age in this year? Aleksandr Karelin is 54 years old. How many children does He have? He has no children.His wrestling record is wins and two losses, both by a single point. Karelin was born as a 5.

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In he came to an international competition and won a junior world title. In the Olympic final Karelin came close to losing to Rangel Gerovskibut with 15 seconds left managed to execute his signature Karelin Lift and won.

Karelin had come off a shoulder surgery and looked vulnerable against a strong Ghaffari, who was able to repel Karelin's efforts to lift and slam him, forcing Karelin to use all of his skill and experience to defend a 1—0 lead.

After going 13 years undefeated in international competition and six years without giving up a point, he lost 0—1 to Rulon Gardner of the United States in the final of the Sydney Olympics. Karelin was revered for his extraordinary strength and unprecedented success in international competition. His coach was at first skeptical about a big but powerless boy, yet he accepted Karelin and motivated him for hard training, both in wrestling technique and physical strength.

As a result, over the years Karelin progressed from 0 to 42 pull-ups. When asked why he thought he was called that referring to a biased opinion on his alleged PED use, Karelin noted that: "No one can completely believe that I am natural. The most important drug is to train like a madman — really like a madman. The people who accuse me are those who have never trained once in their life like I train every day of my life. Karelin's daily training drills included hours of rowing and long runs through Taiga forest often with a large log on his back.

When asked about his toughest opponent, Karelin instantly replied: "My refrigerator," referring to one of his drills, for which he bear hugged his refrigerator and carried it up through eight flights of stairs of his hometown 9-storied apartment building. Karelin was famous for his reverse body lift, the Karelin Lift, where facing the opponent who was lying flat on the mat to keep from being thrown, Karelin hoisted his opponents into the air and slammed them violently to the mat. This devastatingly effective maneuver, when properly executed, awarded Karelin 5 points per throw, the maximum awarded in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Like most top wrestlers, Karelin had a number of severe injuries through his career. He credits his fast recoveries to Valery Okhapkin, physician of the national wrestling team, and claims that Okhapkin extended his competition lifetime by several years. At the age of 15 Karelin broke his leg while training; having learned about this accident his mother burned his wrestling uniform and forbade him to wrestle.

Since then he broke his arms twice and ribs thirteen times. Around January he had a serious concussion, and doctors considered removing him from the Olympic team.

Karelin won the World Championships despite breaking two ribs in the opening bout against Matt Ghaffari. At the European Championships in Budapest, he had torn the right pectoralis major muscle so badly that doctors predicted he would not be able to use his right hand for several months. Karelin won the Championships, but had to be urgently operated on in Budapest.

Alexander Karelin: The Meanest Man in the World

He recovered within three months to compete at the Olympics. And as many other wrestlers he has multiple ear cartilage injuries of both ears. Though widely considered to have been a shoot style wrestling contest, the match is counted as an official mixed martial arts MMA match in Sherdog 's record database.

In he defended a PhD and in a habilitation in sport-related pedagogy ; he also holds a degree in law. He joined the United Russia party and was elected to the State Duma as a representative of the Novosibirsk Oblast in and In he was elected to the Duma as a representative of the Stavropol Krai. He is a member of Duma's committee on international affairs.

Karelin's father was a truck driver and an amateur boxer.One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Karelin is one of the four men to attain three Olympic Gold in wrestling with Carl Westergren, Aleksandr Medyed, and Ivar Johansson. His interests were ignited after meeting coach Victor Kusnetzov, who encouraged him towards wrestling. Under the tutelage of Victor Kusnetzov, he swiftly performed in all the Soviet junior tournaments.

He learned reversed body lift, which was implemented in the sports by lighter wrestlers only. Gradually, competitive opponents try to implement the style of getting pinned rather than risking severe injury.

aleksandr karelin height

At the Summer Olympic Games, in Atlanta he proved his ability to remain the ultimate fighter while becoming the first wrestler to win the same weight class thrice, outscoring his five opponents by At the Sydney Olympics, Karelin was close to attaining his fourth Olympic gold, but in the final round, he lost to Rulon Gardner of the United States by due to a lapse of concentration.

However, besides sports, he was elected to the State Duma lower house in Karelin, on the other hand, was frustrated with the rules and regulations of a campaign that forces him to swap his looks, personality, and narration skills.

aleksandr karelin height

Even his interpreter, Larisa Mason, described Karen as a highly talented man whose knowledge in literature, poetry, and music is absolutely incredible.

The tournament gained widespread coverage and special mentions in prominent magazines, including The New York Times and Sports Illustrated.

Aleksandr Karelin: Born, Height, Spouse, Medals, Parents, Died

Six years later, his political career bloomed, and Karelin was elected to the Duma as a representative of the Stavropol Krai. Aleksandr Karelin Age- 53 years 19 September Aleksandr Karelin Height- 1. Hi reader! Yes, I'm a girl, and can we break this stereotype that a girl can't be a crazy sports follower?

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